Tuesday, 24 November 2009


With just less than two weeks to go until Magpie descends, it's a little like a scene from the Birds around here - but with less scary birds and more craft...maybe nothing like The Birds at all then - but hey, it's a good picture!

So anyway, there is a point to this post - we're after volunteers to help us out with the set-up and running of Magpie on 6th December. You could be helping us decorate the venue, showing people to their stalls, going on coffee runs, handing out fliers, directing people to the event, supervising Frank the Christmas Tree, helping out in our crafting area and various other things...

What we're after: a fun, friendly and cheerful soul who doesn't mind getting stuck in.

What we can offer: experience, references, a tea, coffee & lunch allowance (depending on length of time helping), a fun (but possibly hectic) day!

We've not set a time limit for volunteers, but we'd love one or two really fabulous people to be with us all day, but if you can only offer an hour or two that's fine aswell! Email us (magpiemarket@googlemail.com) with a little bit of information about yourself and what you might be able to help out with!

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