Friday, 13 November 2009

Funky, Funky...


The first Christmas present I remember getting was a New Kids on the Block mix tape from my mum. Why buy one album when you can squeeze their entire back catalogue onto a double tape, and for free if you 'borrow' it from the library? I don't remember how old I was, although it was definitely before my 25th birthday. Anyway, it included all of their Christmas hits. I played it to death. It was special. It was handmade. However...It should not be repeated. 

To ensure that we are not invaded by crazy NKOTB fans and have our ears bleed Magpie wants you to suggest some fabulous festive tunes for our winter playlist to accompany us on December 6th.

Leave your suggestions in the comments.....


  1. I wish it could be Xmas everyday by Wizzard :)

  2. "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" - John Lennon, "Last Christmas" - Wham! >it's a classic! ;)

  3. Good choices - haha Wizzard!
    Thanks, I'll add them to the list x