Thursday, 22 April 2010

Magpie Meets


For quite some time a group of Edinburgh Etsy sellers and lovely creative types have been meeting up in various watering holes around the city, crafting, chatting, sneaking in the occasional (cough cough) beer and generally having a lovely time! We went under the catchy title of 'Edinburgh Etsy Meets' but felt that it was time for a wee change...we're not all Etsy sellers for a start, Kazam! Magpie Meets was born....

So, Magpie a group of people who love to make things, who love handmade, who get together regularly to craft, chat, sneak in the occasional (cough cough) beer and generally have a lovely time!

Want to join us? Hooooray! We'd love to see you....we meet weekly at The Auld Hoose, St Leonards Street, Edinburgh on a Monday at 6pm. 

We occasionally meet elsewhere on other days (just to mix things up a bit, like) and will keep you updated of such things via the blog, facebook, twitter, google group and wherever else we happen to have signed up for! 

* unfortunately there will be no cat pianos present :(

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Magpie is evolving.....

Magpie is growing and evolving and welcomes Cat and Claira officially into the nest....although if we're honest they have been here all along anyway! Hello ladies! 

We're hoping to bring you lots of new events very soon! I won't yet go into details, but there will definitely be cake, fabulous handmade stuff and possibly some alcohol thrown in for good measure.....keep an eye on the blog and facebook page for upcoming details!