Monday, 2 May 2011

Say hello to.....

Hole in my Pocket

is the creative brainchild of Mr Allistair J Burt

Mr. Burt is an architect/ artist based in Glasgow who has worked under the banner of Hole in my Pocket on a range of different projects over the past few years, from short films for Channel 4, to building a Victorian Storytelling Machine for the new Museum in Shetland, to trying to solve the MP’s Expenses fiasco through creative means to forming their own religion at The Arches last year.

Our favourites are his intricately hand painted Russian dolls - currently we love the sailors, but (not so) secretly want them all - Adam & Eve, a brass band, dragons....  But there will also be cards, prints and art books for your pleasure!

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  1. Thanks guys.

    Looking forward to coming through to the East at the weekend.