Friday, 12 November 2010

Excuses, excuses!

Well, apologies for the lack of sneak peeks and meet the maker posts....I got struck down with the Dreaded Cold (which is thankfully almost away in time for the weekend) which left me barely able to move let alone think up questions to email to our exhibitors!

SO. Instead you will just get a barrage of sneak peek images over the next couple of days! Starting NOW!

Alexandra Fiddes, part of the Such & Such collective makes stunning silver jewellery...I am coveting her twig ring .....hint hint Santa Claus!

Little Sister Lucy creates sumptuous, hand-dyed, hand made lingerie and sleepwear from gorgeous silks and Liberty print fabrics. 

Caroline Clougley, another memeber of Such & Such makes beautifully dark & sinister jewellery....

Charlotte Hannett, the third member of Such & Such with yet more fabulous jewellery. 

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