Monday, 23 August 2010

Apologies and Opportunities....

So, you may have noticed there's been a slight delay in notifying applicants about the next Magpie Market? Time issues, difficult decisions and now computer issues have all played a part. We have now whittled it down to a fine selection of vendors....who will all be notified when I can access the correct files. I really hope it's just a glitch and that it will all be fine tomorrow (fingers crossed). The wait will be worth it I promise! 

Anyway...on to the opportunities...

We're going to give away some early bird goody bags to the first 50 shoppers through the door. 

We would love you to contribute a little something - a badge, tutorial, zine. Something fun, something that shows people who you are and what you do....something a little more exciting than your business card! You can contribute any amount of things from 1-50.

If you'd like to contribute email for more information! All submissions should be received by 8th September. 

We will also be running a bunting (and other things that hang) making workshop on Tuesday 7th September from 6.30....Come down to The Spider and The Fly and help us create some fabulous bunting (and other things). We'll provide the tea and biscuits just drop by! 

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