Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Competition Time: Design us a logo!

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There's a lot going on here at Magpie towers, organising The Spider and The Fly our 6 week craft extravaganza, building websites, organising craft parties.....Phew! We're pretty wiped out! 

The Spider and the Fly is all about collaboration. So, we want you to design a logo for The Spider and the Fly. 

What we want: Something eye catching, fun, that shows what Magpie and The Spider and the Fly is all about (that's handmade, well designed, high quality, quirky...). We have no specific ideas in mind, no colours or sizes to stick go crazy! All it needs to say is 'The Spider and the Fly'

What you get: We'll use your design on our fliers, posters, website, blog and various other places and tell the world that you designed it. As well as that we'll give you space in The Spider and the Fly and not charge you a penny of commission for the 6 week duration!

Entries close: 8th June - so you have 2 weeks....get drawing, cutting and sticking! 

Please send entries and any questions to with the subject - Logo Design


  1. awesome! i will get my paper and pen out right this moment! Xx

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  3. Wish I had of found this blog post earlier! So many cute ideas could come from this